TNA 1st Year Feedback

The 2014 Workshops received good feedback and some of the comments made by the students are featured here to provide prospective students for 2015 with a better idea of how Transnational Access (TNA) can benefit them.

3D Documentation Workshop, Pisa

3D Documentation Workshop, Pisa

Three TNA training courses were held in 2014. These were structured as week-long workshops (summer schools) where students were taught by subject experts and provided with one-one individualised support for the development of their own research projects. Three separate topics were covered:

  • Mapping existing datasets to CIDOC-CRM (PIN, Prato, Italy)
  • 2D/3D documentation for archaeology (CNRS, Pisa, Italy)
  • Design of archaeological datasets (CNRS, Pisa, Italy)

Feedback from the students who attended these courses was very positive. Everyone felt that they had learned a lot during their week and that in many cases, the new knowledge would help with the development of their personal research projects. 

CIDOC-CRM Workshop, Prato

CIDOC-CRM Workshop, Prato

The main achievements (I) experienced during the summer school are related to the possibility to manage and handle 3D models from pictures: this means that in a very short time it would be possible to document archaeological features, ad share them very easily.” Paola Derudas.

From the course of this summer school… Now I am able to develop the right project work plan and budgets for the project.” Yuan Yuan, Germany.

The course gave me a very good overview on how metadata can be organized and suggested some good tools that can help me carry out my project. I also got in contact with other people in the field that share my problems with metadata management , and we will have the possibility to share our future experience and solutions.” Carlotta Capurro.

As a result of the feedback, the 2015 TNA has been expanded to allow students to apply for individual placements in addition to the training workshops. Apply now!

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