TNA Workshop EVA 2014

Learning Opportunities for Sharing Data in the ARIADNE Project

Franco Niccolucci
Thursday 10th July, 11.30 am 

This workshop presented opportunities for researchers to take up opportunities for transnational access to the ARIADNE research infrastructure.

ARIADNE has the goal of “bringing together and integrating existing archaeological research data infrastructures, so researchers can use the various distributed datasets and new and powerful technologies as an integral component of the archaeological research methodology”. A fundamental component in meeting this goal is the provision of transnational access to a wide variety of people involved in accessing archaeological datasets and visualising data. Online access opportunities are being developed, but funding is also being made available for on-site training with our technical partners.  

The workshop included presentions and discussion about the ARIADNE project, including details about upcoming transnational access. These are rare opportunities to work directly with the staff designing the infrastructure, including PIN at the University of Florence at Prato, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) in Pisa, Athena RC – Digital Curation Unit (DCU) in Maroussi, and Athena RC – Cultural and Technology Institute (CETI) in Xanthi. Technical staff were on hand at the workshop to present information about the training (including logistical details and application procedures) and to answer questions.


Learning opportunities for sharing data in the ARIADNE project,