Save the data: workshop on digital repositories

This workshop, organised OREA (Institute for Oriental and European Archaeology) in cooperation with ACDH (Austrian Center for Digital Humanities) (both part of ÖAW) focussed on the pressing question of long-term preservation of digital data. It looked at the topic from various angles, central being user needs specific to the different fields of the Humanities as well as existing solutions. The workshop was held in Vienna on the 2nd December 2014; the language of the workshop was English.

The aim of the workshop was to identify user requirements so far are not catered for (in Austria and elsewhere) and to create a tentative roadmap for future collaborations and solutions.


Introduction (ACDH-ÖAW)
Use cases
  • Achille Felicetti, University of Florence, ARIADNE
    Integrating archaeological data: The ARIADNE infrastructure
  • Andreas Rauber, TU Wien
    Digital Preservation and Citable Data
  • Lukas Rosenthaler, DHLab, Basel
    Building a national repository for DH
  • Catherine Hardman, Archaeology Data Service (ADS, UK)
    Archiving archaeological data in the UK: the ADS experience
  • Hella Hollander, DANS/EDNA
    The e-depot for Dutch archeology; a trusted digital repository.
  • Alexander Czmiel, Telota  BBAW, Berlin
    “Digitaler Wissenspeicher”
  • Johannes Stigler, ZIM-ACDH, Uni Graz
    Research data preservation in the Digital Humanities
  • Herwig Stöger, Verlag, ÖAW
  • Ralf Pausz, Paolo Budroni, University of Vienna, Library and Archive Services, PHAIDRA
    PhaidraPlus for Arts and Humanities - A docked application to Phaidra
  • Johannes Spitzbart, Phonogrammarchiv, ÖAW
    Digital Archiving and Long Term Storage of Audiovisual Research Data

Workshop website: (English version)

Workshop slides: (German version of the programme, scroll down to find the slides at the bottom of the programme)